Three years ago, I went to a thrift store, and I found a Japanese game called "玩具メーカー" on the stall with the Japanese games. I asked the clerk to translate it, and he said: "This is a kids game called Toy Maker".

It was only 20 Dollars so I decided to buy it, but I had to move that day so I eventually forgot it.

Yesterday, I was looking for my old games, and I came across this one. I wanted to play it, but when I opened the case, I saw that it was a DOS game. I decided to download a DOS emulator on my PC, and ran the game.

After I opened it, I was presented with a strange splash screen, that had a weird Image, the name of the game, the name of the developer, "Tsunayoshi Toshimichi", and "PRESS RETURN TO BEGIN".

When I pressed Return, I was led to the Title Screen. It had three Options:

Start Game - It does nothing.

Load Game - The game crashes.

Options - Leads to an Options menu.

The Options menu contains:

Sound - The game gets stuck on a Black screen.

Controls - The game crashes.

Exit to DOS - It exits the game.

Anything I try doesn't work, and I can't start the game.

If anyone knows how to make the game start, contact me at UPDATE : I went back to the store I bought the game from, but the clerk and the stall were both gone.

- This article was copied from a Japanese forum -

I contacted the guy, and he answered:

"Dear Matteo, I have read your email and yes, a guy has contacted me and I decided to send him a copy of the game. I've waited at least two months, and he finally replied with this email:

'Hi, I have created an executable of your game... it can be ran from Windows without an emulator, but it isn't finished. Bye.'

Please note that the sounds in the game are very wierd, and the graphics are not very good.

The game barely makes any sense, I haven't played it very much, because it oftenly crashes, and it's a game that really fills you with anxiety. I'll send you a copy of the game tomorrow, but now I can send you some screenshots.

Good Luck..."

UPDATE : I contacted Kenjiro again, and he sent me the game:

You may download it here.

I played the game, but I can't complete it, because it oftenly crashes. There are a lot of pathways, but I haven't explored all of them. If you can find any info on the game, post it here!


The game behaves wierdly, and never fully closes, unless you use task manager. Even after you've fully closed it, things such as your disk drive opening, or sounds from the game continiuing to play happen. Please play it with caution.

UPDATE : I contacted Kenjiro again, and he sent me two links:

The first page says: "The website is closed!"

The second page requires a username and password, but I cant find them.

UPDATE : I found them:

Username : lostgamesfinder

Password : 19588591

The page says something about Toy Maker being ported to Windows, and two links, one says "Patched Game Download", and the other one says "Ripped and Converted files". Clicking "Patched game download" requires another username & password, but these are different, and I can't find them. Clicking "Ripped and converted files" leads to some 3D models from the game...