One of "them"

Wawnsz,i wuz walkin' daoon teh dorkt holwei,wen i saa teh eevl kooky startud chsing meh!!!

Den,hee shanked me!I wuz veree hoort,zo i kalld teh polees.Bawt,teh poleesc wuz a baonch ofw kookyz az wel!!!

Dei awl startud 2 shanken mee,ewnd ai skreem'd sou harwd dat i sheet mah pentz!!!I yell'd:"F*wk!!!!!"

I dewn wewnt too aine mentel hospeetel ewnd dei awlso wer kookys!!!!!!!!!!

I den pull'd aut a gan,uwnd sturted to shut dem!!!

Dei daid eesly,zo den i selebruted,bawt i reemembrt det i gawt shanked zo i ded.

Преузимање (24)

Da hospital.


Made by RulesCrash569

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