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Many years ago I was on a vacation on the Bermuda triangle. Well it wasn't a vacation at all once i discovered the beast. I was in a submarine when it happened, I traveled into the depths of the ocean...deeper and deeper. I went deeper untill I heard loud thump outside the submarine. It was at least 100 feet tall. It had a snout of a crocodile, the bait line of an angular fish, legs like a lizard and the body of the prehistoric sea marine reptile the liopluredon. I had to escape from this thing. I sped up the highest level the speed the sub could ever get, but the thing is still after me. I was a goner. The next day i was at the hospital, must had been knocked out or something. I saw a person near me, one no one has seen before. It asked me in his thoughts "What was the beast you saw?" I called it...Leviathan.


Made by Elliot12343789

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