(Made by XtremeGamer297)(Originally posted on the Trollpasta wiki)

First,get yourself to any hyperrealistic mental institution or random hyperrealistic building you can get yourself to.

If you enter,you will see a hyperrealistic door guard next to a hyperrealistic desk.You have to ask him in a hyperrealistic way to see the hyperrealistic Holder of Hyperrealistic.If he makes a hyperrealistic sad face like this T.T you will hyperrealisticly bleed to death with hyperrealistic blood with the most hyperrealistic death in history.But,if he makes a hyperrealistic YAY face like this :D

You will be taken to a hyperrealistic door and he will open it in a hyperrealistic way and he will push you in there like a HYPERREALISTIC BAWS!!!You will see a hyperrealistic hallway with hyperrealistic darkness with hyperrealistic crying.Should the hyperrealistic crying ever stop,you have to say in the MOST HYPERREALISTIC way:"I AM NOT HYPERREALISTIC".If you did it hyperrealistic enough,you will have to start hyperrealistic running to the end of the hyperrealistic hallway to the hyperrealistic door because a hyperrealistic shadow is chasing you and if it hyperrealisticly catches you,you will hyperrealisticly die with the most hyperrealistic death in HYPERREALISTIC HISTORY!But if you hyperrealisticly escape,open the hyperrealistic door and you will see a hyperrealistic room with 2 hyperrealistic doors.

If you hyperrealisticly open the wrong hyperrealistic door,a hyperrealistic N00K will hyperrealisticly make the hyperrealistic world blow up in the most hyperrealistic way possible.If you hyperrealisticly open the wrong hyperrealistic door,you will enter a MEGA ULTRA SUPER DUPER NEGA HUGE BIGGY GINORMOUS PANCAKES COOKIE FGDHJFK RANDOM SPAM HYPERREALISTIC room where you will find a hyperrealistic man.He will hyperrealisticly challenge you to a hyperrealistic fight in hyperrealistic slow-motion.If you hyperrealisticly win,he will hyperrealisticly explode with hyperrealistic epicness.You will hyperrealisticly see a Hyperrealistic Hyperrealistic (Hyperrealistic is an item).Hyperrealisticly pick it up.The Hyperrealistic is Object OVER 9000!!!!! out of 508.Will you be hyperrealistic enough at the right hyperrealistic moment?

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