Basical explanation of this pasta.

Baws gun

Baws gun.

(Made by XtremeGamer297)

Go to any mental instituion or any other random deserted building you can get yourself to.

Come in like a BAWS! and then ask the guard like a baws to see the HOLDER OF BAWS!

If a badass sad face ( T.T ) comes on the guards face,you werent badass enough and you will be zapped by the balloonatic.

Although if you were baws enough he will show you the door like a baws and tell you like a badass to enter the door.

Enter them in slow motion when he will slam the door like a baws and lock them.

You will be in a Dark badass hallway where you must slow motion walk like a baws with BAWS music.If you werent baws enough while doing it a WTF BOOM will trigger and you will blow up the most BAWS like way in the world.However,if you were baws enough you will be teleported to a badass room filled with other BAWS people that epicly failed :P.You must fight them like a baws.If you lose like a baws you will be doomed to a eternity with NO PANCAKES!!!!!!

If you beat them like a baws,their boss will come in and he will challenge you to a fight like a baws.You will get a gun for bawses and you will begin a baws shootout in the most BAWS slowmotion in the history of bawses.If you lose from the baws like a baws you will get killed like a baws in the most baws way possible.

If you win like a baws you will receive a Baws Gun.Pick it up like a baws and do a victory baws montage.That baws object is baws object -1 out of 49502834902384239048329048.

Will you be a baws when the time comes?DUN DUN DUN!!!

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