All members of the Trollsta clan must follow these commandments.

  1. 1 If a douchebag is ruining others experience, ye must trollsta him, only the trollsta clan is permitted to trollsta.
  1. 2 Yee shall not get counter-trolled. If you get counter-trolled, yee shall invoke the wrath of the TOASTER.
  1. 3 The more pure something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it, but if something is already corrupted, make it even more corrupted.
  1. 4 Trollstas do not forgive, trollstas do not forget, you must trollsta EVERY single person who done you wrong.
  1. 5 Trollstas do not spam, unless the spam is something that annoys (example: spam p00fchka, if it annoys him, anything else is a fail)
  1. 6 Trollstas do not get banned, they make the other person get banned by making THEM break the rules so they can insult you.(I once got a mod to be demoted just so he could ignore me.)
  1. 7 If the specific Trollsta got admin or mod rights, they shall not abuse it to ban for no reason (you can manipulate them into breaking the rules)
  1. 8 The Trollsta must like trains, failure to do so invokes the wrath of the Toaster
  1. 9 Trolling a fellow trollsta is not allowed.
  1. 10 The Trollsta is a pack, solo trollsta is not recommended, but, if you can find a mod and/or admin, trollsta with them, its a added bonus to your trollsta experience and makes it less likely to be banned.

These commandments are for the Trollsta clan, which are not Trolls, but something different.There have been only 3 Trollstas in the clan in the world, 5 of them as of now (6.1.2014)

2 of them on this site...

(Made by XtremeGamer297, one of the 5 trollstas)

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