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A screenshot of the sunken ship.

Once,i was doing my afternoon jog,when i encountered something on the sidewalk,it was an old game.I picked it up,and continiued home.It was an SNES cartridge,i got a little nostalgic.It was a cartridge of SMRPG TLOSS.

This was one of my favourite games for the SNES,so i began to play with joy.The game played very well,except of the occaisonal glitch when the NPC's in the game start to talk gibberish.To fix the glitch,i just went to the nearest save point,and reset.This was not that annoying,but could really p*ss me off when i was far away from a save point.

Everything seemed normal,until i got to the 2nd boss.Instead of the normal sprite,it was his "Machine Made" texture that you get to fight later on in the game.I mistaken this as just one of the glitches,sense the texture was in the game.I beat him surprisingly easly,considering that i was not a high level.


The machine made texture.

When i beat him,it just cut to black.I thought it froze,but just as i went to hit the reset button,the screen faded back.I was at what appeared to be the sunken ship where you find the fifth star piece,except it was a glitched-up version of it.The walls were flickering,the enemies were all crimson red,and when i tried to use the psycopath move,it would appear as "PsYcHo?" and when i read he enemies thoughts,all it spelled was:"ffffDffffIffffEffff".

This was kinda scary,beacause if you remove all the f's,it spells:"DIE".This continiued until i got to Johnny,the boss.He looked horrific,and i mean HORRIFIC.He was all black,His arms ripped off,and bleeding everywhere.And no matter what i tried,he would not get hurt,and the damage counter said that all of my attacks did 666 damage.When my party was defeated,instead of saying "Game Over...",it said "BrOkEn?"

Instead of spawning at the last save point,i spawned in a black room with a white floor.I also noticed that mario had the same "Machine Made" texture just like the 2nd boss.I tried walking around,but it was endless.I couldnt jump either.I tried taking the cartridge out,but all it would do was shock me while a random image from the game flickered.I continiued walking,until it said that my characters leveled up.When they came out of the pipe,they looked just as bad as Johnny.

Instead of saying "level up to level...",it just said "ItS bRoKeN".

The game then literally exploded with an orange liquid coming out of it.I was glad that nightmare was over,but i was still both scared and confused of how this game came to be.I then heard something from the kitchen.It was whispering.The conversation was a little like this:

"He broke"

"(Random mumble)"

"Of course."

"But did you finish it?"

"Of course.Hes in for a NASTY surprise!"



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