Once,i was looking through my old files,i found a file called "Rightbehindyou.jpeg".Being the Creepypasta fan i am,i decided to check it out.To my surprise,it was just a black square.I was like:"Really?"And i went on to delete the file.The next morning,i went to my computer,and the file was back.It had changed though.Instead of just being a black square,it now had a little grin on the bottom.I was like:"Pffft,no way."

I deleted the file once more,while expecting it to come back again the next morning.It was,of course,back again.I thought it was just a virus or something,so i scanned it.At the end of the scan,the antivirus crashed and uninstalled.I was really starting to get creeped,because the file changed once more.Now,instead of the normal black screen with a grin,it had two big,red eyes.Just...watching my every move.

Suddenly,i felt a cold chill,as well as a slight touch on my shoulder.I shook it off,but i was still scared.The next morning,i was shocked.The file had turned into a ".avi" file.I went to check it,well THAT was a stupid mistake,beacause the file was just blackness for a few seconds,and then,i saw some images flash by.I mana

ged to make out only 2 of them.A hand,with a strange symbol on it,and that picture of that face...

Afterwords,the laptop bluescreened,and i never had any evidence of that file existing,and to this day,i still sometimes feel a touch on my shoulder...

Trust me,if you EVER see a file on your computer called "Rightbehindyou.jpeg",do NOT do anything with it,just leave it there.Or you might go through what i went through...and suffer...


Made by RulesCrash569

Преузимање (28)

What i managed to recreate of the image,on my new laptop.

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