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So,i had a experience that im going to share it with you because i feel like it.(Made by XtremeGamer297) (My first ever trollpasta)

I was walking from school and while i was walking i found an old dusty Pokemon cartridge it said something written in blood.It was EVIL PATRIXXXX cursed this!!!I didnt feel like picking it up so i continued walking.When i came home i was too lazy to think of something to do so i decided to play pokemon.I played until the game said:Go to Lavender Town.I did it because i was way too stupid to not listen.So,i got to Lavender town and then a bloody pancake popped up!I was scared s*itless and i went down to the kitchen to get some pancakes.After OVER 9000!!! seconds of ferocious eating.I found out.Oh my god it was horrible.I ATE ALL THE PANCAKES *close-up* !!!!!!! Now i cant play Pokemon with the enjoyment i used too.


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