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This is da youtube video :P

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Teh stikk.


Fluttershy da killur

Made by XtremeGamer297)

Soe,aj jused 2 bi a broneh soh aj went 2 utubez 2 serch 4 Mah Litel Poneh epizodez

end i founzorz a vidio cald MAH LITEL PONEH! scareh! (My Little Pony!Scary!)I thught it wuz a lost epizod,soh i clickd it end fund aut it wuz remuvd.                                                  

Aj checkd dem cuments end 1 sed "Oh my god now i hate My Little Pony because of this"

Soh,aj went 2 teh gugl end tipd in Mah Litel Poneh Lawst Epizod.

Aj fund teh rezultz end aj clickd on 1 of dem.Wich wuz MY LITTLE PONY REALLY SCARY!

It startedzorz a vidio with teh usuel Mah Litel Poneh tim sawng.Bawt den teh showzor actuly started efter 5 minutz of smeshin' mah kiibord becoz it wouldnt lod.

Den,aj saw teh poneh gewt kild on a stikk.den someone scrimd into mah scrin: ONE STIKK!!!!!!!!!!

Aj tink i lawst mah pents.

Soh,tey wer goeng to dem funerel end tehn teh Cawps sed:I think the murderer was YoMamma Pegasus666.

Hao culd mah moma kil ej poneh?!Bat of CAWRS, IT IZ MAGIXXXXX.

End at teh end sum rendom poneh jawmpd aut and kild meh with teh "stikk"

End it wuz alzo scriming: YOU ATE THE LAST COOKIE?! NOW YOU MUST DIE?!

If u r riding dis tehn u must knoe taht mah gost iz rejping a poneh rajt nao!

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