Преузимање (30)

Starting location

(Made by this dude) You know about the legend of the FINGER OF DOOM,right?You,know,explosions and stuff.

Well,screw the legend,lets go find it.On my way from bombing school,I MEAN,coming home from school,i found a map,the map said where to find a porto potty on F*CKING JUPITER!But i didnt give a shit (literaly) so i continued,but then i saw a strange woman with wizard outfit... MOM?!"Why the hell are you in a wizard costume"I said.She said:"Because i want to!"Ignoring that i moved on,after a long search,i finally found...NOTHING!I raged out of RAGE but then it hit me,seriously WHO DROPS ANVILS FROM WINDOWS!?After giving the guy the most BRUTAL PUNISHMENT IN HISTORY a.k.a Justin Bieber on max volume,but then,that moment...i got a ear rape but never mind (Justin Bieber music-Suicide) anyway,he dropped a map,it said FEENGUR AUF DUM MAWP.I was really happy because ive been looking for it.

Ok,so its on Moon,Jupiter,fuck...

"Ok,if i want to get on Moon,Jupiter im gonna need to work for NASA... Or i can just get roundhoused by Chuck Norris."

To get Chuck to roundhouse me i just had to do PBJ in front of him,so i did!Then i got roundhouse kicked to THA JUPITER!Even though i made a crater...but i didnt give a fuck,its only 2 million aliens that died,not a big deal...

As i moved forward,i saw IT.Finger of Doom!

"ZOMG,dat fingerness"-I said.As i was moving to get it,i met my most worthy adversary in history,the conqueror of conquerors the emperor of destruction,the governer of murder.THE POTATO!!!!

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!

We know what we had too do to get that thing...we had to eat pancakes and then fight.So we engaged in pokemon style battle.

  • Pokemon battle music plays**Me throwing a grenade at the music*


1234566789001 times infinity hours later.

I WON!*aftermath*

"DIE POTATO!"I said."Not today"The potato said.

Tommorow... R.I.P potato. "You said:Not Today"

As i was moving towards the finger i picked it up and figured it was object 9000 out of 508.I didnt give a shit...So i went back to planet Earth to find that the finger had zuppah powers.I was partying by blowing up more schools with the finger...

One day,some f*cktard bullied me so i did the pokey on him and he exploded like grapes in a microwave but one day i fingerd myself and nothing happened so i didnt give a crap.But i figured the finger was so strong,that i could beat Chuck Norris and EVIL PATRIXXXXX together with it.So i did,lol.


Authors note:I think this is one of my best pastas lawl.


More boom

If you get fingerd.

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