It popped out

Stupid Cannon

dun dun dun


It also popped out

Shizznity gets challenged by Stupid Cannon to a DUELLLLL but he refuses so he gets pwnd by Stupid launcherness.NO PENUSS FOR SHIZZNITY AND THEN HE EXPLODES! BUT HE WAS ALIVE SO HE SNOOK INTO Stupid CANNON TO DUMP IN IT SO STUPID CANNON FIRED ON POKEY MODE AND HE FLEW TO THE SKY UNTIL RANDOM ASDF CHARACTER SHOT HIM DOWN into a pile of donkey stupid cannon went raep mode on Shizznity and kills him in sleep.But then a skeleton popped out using gunz and pwnd them both.But evil patrixxxx popped out using everything and ate the skeleton.But then Chuck Norris popped out and pwnd everyone except the finger of doom which coincidentally popped out too and made the world blow up except lol face which also popped out and LOL'd the entire world.Even though it blew up.So it lold a nonexsting world,making it a non existing lol which made it rage and blow up the universe.

Moral of the story:Shizznity+Stupid cannon=Well,this extremely po(o)pping experience.

Made by XtremeGamer297

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