Blekk awps

3rd person gameplay from this thingy.

Okai,aj had a horible expeereeens end i wawnt 2 sher it wit u becoz i fil liek it.(Made by XtremeGamer297)

So,1 dej i wuz board so aj decajded 2 pley sum blek Ops.Teh title scriin started aut as usual so aj went 2 multyplejier end i gawt an invajt from a dewd nejmd DemPancakeRipper666.I went 2 teh parti so wi chated about rendom thingis we culd think abowt and den he said:Yo penkejks wil be gawn unles u pey me OVER 9000! bux.Aj said: "S*r00 u!" end went 2 a rendom server cald "trololo".Aj thawt i wuz gona get trold so i mejd a server cald "FGDHJFK".I gawt 9001! ppl alredy!Kiding it wuz jast 62.1 of dem was DemPancakeRipper666.So,aj started troling rendom ppl i culd fajnd until... omigod,i kent sey it wuz horribel.AJ GAWT N00BT00BD!Bai DemPancakeRipper666.

So,aj decajded 2 jus Chit Engin 6.9001!It wurkd.Aj was pwning evry1 in teh rum!Evry1 vouted 2 kik mi bat i wuz edmin so they fejld.Enywej,i kept powning and powning antil i gawt board.Aj went to teh kitchin 2 get sum penkejks end then aj fund aut SOME1 STOUL DEM!Dis is Pokimaun al ower agen!Aj fund a nout sejing:"U shulda payd me 56899608345934058495729358 bux!" I wuz sobing 4 teh entejr dej becoz thos penkejks were 4 meh!Nao i kent enjoy Pokemawn end Blek Ops liek i jused to...Bawt i didnt cer so i continud Blek ops.Every1 left end i wuz sadzor!Becoz the onleh 1 left wuz DemPancakeRipper666.We plejd end trold ich other until hi n00bt00bd me.Wehn i reespaond i keeld him end Tibegd him!(Teabags!)Aj hev gawten mah rivenge!


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