I am a huge Genesis fan. I remember having all of the old classic games for it and beating all of them. Such as Sonic The Hedgehog. I even remember having an old game that was not publicly released.That one was my favorite.I went to play it again, relive the joy.

When I turned it on, it froze at the title screen. This was not that big of a surprise, I mean, this is an old, dusty game. I blew into the cartridge, and it worked. Although, at the end of level one, it froze. Next time I reset, it did not want to work at all. I threw it away, I was kinda sad, so I went to search online. I found absolutely nothing.

The next day, I found something outside my house. It was an old Genesis game. I decided to put it in and play. I noticed that it was the game that I threw away yesterday! Except, the title screen was flickering. I found this to be strange, but I continued on. There was something strange in level 1 though. There were strange symbols all over the place. I ignored it and went on.

Next, on level 2, before it started, I seemed to forget what happened in level 1. It did not bother me that much, because I was pretty forgetful. Also,a message appeared saying: "IF YOU CONTINUE FORWARD, DESPAIR WILL COVER YOUR MIND."

I was slightly creeped out, but I kept playing. On level 5, I seemed to forget a lot of stuff as I went through. When I got to the end, those totems you have to punch, they were covered in blood, and I couldn't punch them, whenever I tried, I would lose health. When I ran out of lives, instead of the Game Over screen, this message appeared:"NOW IT IS OVER."

The game split in half by itself afterwards and I had a seizure for some reason.I woke up in a hospital with my family next to me,i asked them:"Why am i here?"and my mom said:"I was going to your room to give you lunch,and then i saw your body unconcious"The game never worked again...


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Made by RulesCrash569.

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