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Hello! Welcome to my page, directly made for allowing any Creepypasta, as bad as the worst Shitpastas, or as good as the best Creepypasta

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This page was made for allowing any Creepypasta, mainly due to the Creepypasta Wiki deleting both of my stories for reasons I cannot understand. I posted 'The Day I Lost Myself' and within five minutes it had been deleted by the admins, so I posted it here. Enjoy the freedom to write any horror-related story, with no repercussions, except for anything mentioned in the Rules page (

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    New page: Rules: No pornographic content No racism in your story (unless a character mentions it to be integral to the story) No sexism in your story...
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    New page: 'I woke up to a painful cramp in my knee, and a terrible taste in my mouth, not a good way to start the day.  'I took off the sheets which were...
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