One day i decided to play Bad Eggs because i want to and if you object you will be killed in sleep.

So 1.-1.38922 i started playing the Bad Eggs game.The normal logo started up with the normal Bad Eggs sign showing up until a bloody pancake popped up.I lost my pants because the PANCAKE WAS RESERVED FOR BAD PANCAKES!So i ate it :P .But i didnt give a fuck so i continued.I clicked Quick Play because i want to and it switched me to a game called KILL.IN.SLEEP!This was so...i dont know because i didnt give a fuck XP.My opponent was a level NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!11 Bad Ass Egg with the name of I liek Omlette567.

The battle started and Omlette used PEANUT BUTTER JELLY LAUNCHER.So my egg became an omlette and the map blew up so thats how Bad Omlette DA GAME was made.

THE END!!!!!

...told you it was crappy.


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